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02-01: Burger King, Family Dollar, Pep Boys, Stardust, MOB, Wendys


Daily Best Commercial Properties

  1. Burger King in Phoenix, AZ: 3500 SF restaurant on .8 ac lot.  100% NNN lease with no landlord responsibilities to an experienced franchisee.  NOI $95K/yr. $1.461M.  6.5% cap.
  2. Family Dollar in Harvey, LA: 9180 SF newly constructed Family Dollar on 1 ac lot in New Orleans metro.  New 15 yrs absolute NNN corp lease (S&P BBB-).  NOI $121K/yr.  $1.939M. 6.25% cap.
  3. Pep Boys Auto in Buffalo, NY: 19,676 SF Auto Parts & Service center built in 1996 on 1.88 ac lot.  100% corp NNN lease with 7 yrs left (Note: Pep Boys was recently purchased for $1B by Icahn Enterprises LP, headed by billionaire Carl Icahn). NOI $216K/yr with 1.5% annual rent bumps.  $3.3M. 6.5% cap.
  4. Family Dollar in Yonkers, NY: rare 10,000 SF Family Dollar store on .71 ac lot just 20-30 minutes from midtown Manhattan.  Densely populated area with 1.2M residents within 5 miles radius. 100% leased to Duane Reade drugstore and subleased to Family Dollar (drugstore closed due to Duane Reade merger with Walgreens) with 4 yrs left.  NOI $313K/yr  with  10% rent bump in Oct 2017. $4M. 7.83% cap.
  5. Office Building in Dickinson, TX: 6594 SF office building completed in 2013 on 2 acres lot in Houston suburbs.  100% leased to TX government (S&P A+) with 8 yrs left and used as The Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  NOI $114K/yr. $1.497M. 7.64% cap.
  6. Single-tenant retail center in Glendale, AZ:  27,780 SF single-tenant retail center.  10 yrs NNN- lease to Stardust Non-profit Building Supplies, Inc with 4 locations in Phoenix.  Low rent of $6/SF and price below replacement.  NOI $139K/yr. $1.792M. 7.75% cap.
  7. Medical Office Building in San Jose, CA: 9454 SF 2-story medical office building on .61 ac lot across from Regional medical center of San Jose.  NOI $195K/yr. $3.35M. 5.84% cap.
  8. Wendy’s in Trussville, AL: 4036 SF restaurant in Birmingham metro.  Next to U-59 exit.  New 20 yrs absolute NNN lease with zero landlord responsibilities to an experienced franchisee.  NOI $102K/yr with 7.5% rent rumps every 5 yrs.  $1.726M. 5.95% cap.
  9. Wendys in Chattanooga, TN: 2764 SF restaurant on .56 ac lot right off I-75 exit. 20 yrs absolute NNN lease with 10 yrs left.  NOI $139K/yr. $1.986M 7% cap.
  10. Burger King in Bossier City, LA: 2850 SF Burger King on .6 ac lot in Shreveport. 20 yrs lease with a 85-unit operator.  NOI $135K/yr. $2.254M. 6% cap.


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About The Properties


Transmercial is the only company in the US that offers this list of best properties between $950K to $30M in 50 states.  These properties are selected from 300-400 daily listings from many commercial real estate companies, and various other sources.   Each property has a brief description and a flyer.  Please click here for selection criteria.  Underlined names, if any, indicate safe hyperlinks that you can click for more info. For a full marketing brochure, please reply and specify the property number.  Transmercial will guide you thru the whole acquisition process if needed.  It will track all the issues via the “Due Diligence Summary” report until they are all resolved prior to closing.



Below are the most commonly used acronyms:


  • AHI: Avg. Household Income.  National average is about $55+K/yr.
  • NOI: Net Operating Income.  It’s the income after all expenses (prop taxes, ins., maintenance) paid.
  • NNN: Triple net lease in which tenants pay taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses.
  • NNN-: Triple net lease with landlord responsible for roof and structure.  Used by Transmercial only.