Being new to commercial real estate, there was a lot to learn and David was extraordinarily helpful to make that accessible – his personal time and patience, his online resources, and overall guidance.  His daily listings were high quality and saved much time compared to other online sites.  Once we got into the details of the search itself, David sought to better understand my personality and the types of properties that would suit our needs.  He was honest, straight talking and earned my trust in short order.  As we successfully closed the deal in a 1031 exchange, he was meticulous, patient, and represented my needs above and beyond what I would have expected.  His decades in this industry clearly shows.  I would work with David again in a heartbeat.

“David is a great broker and you should be glad he’s on your side!”

“Thank you David, it’s our great pleasure to work with you on the past two properties acquisition. We look forward to further cooperation with you in the future. We believe You are the best investment advisor we ever know.”

“Thank you for the service. Everything went very well. If you see any more Urgent Care’s coming up, please forward them to me.”

“David & Maria, Words can’t describe how thankful we are of you both. We are extremely happy with all that you do! [You are] Simply the best ever! Thank you!”

“Thank you David. This [purchase] experience has been efficient and stress free.”

“I have total and complete trust and confidence in David.”

“I enjoyed working with Mr. Tran on the Fry’s Shops transaction in Phoenix. He represented a buyer on the property. He perfectly balanced representing his client while focusing on the goal of closing the transaction. It involved a difficult loan assumption and he kept his client organized and moving through the process.”

“Transmercial has been providing one-stop services for our commercial real estate investment. David Tran not only provided us with valuable market information but also worked with us diligently to analyze and negotiate property deals. David has lots of in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate, as reflected by his work with us as well as his on-line articles. He is highly professional, giving his advisory thoughts and never pushing us in the purchase processes. He also paid attention to details. One time, we signed a purchase contract and were going to complete the deal. He went through the due diligence package and found a loop hole which could potentially cost us a fortune. He then advised us not to purchase the property. We’re very impressed by his expertise, diligence, and professionalism. We highly recommend Transmercial to anyone who plans to purchase commercial real estate properties.”

“A former employer of mine asked me to come out to San Jose from Ireland to work with him on finding some investment properties to buy. I searched the internet for a broker that I could work with, and found Transmercial. I liked what I read on the internet about David and decided that this would be a good place to start. On meeting David, I immediately felt at ease. And unlike many other brokers, I did not feel at all under any pressure. So I decided to go with my gut feeling and use him as our broker. What a great decision it turned out to be! From the start he sourced great properties for us to look at. At no stage did he encourage us to make any decision that we weren’t fully happy with. Now a few months later we have bought two great properties, and are very happy with our investments. At all times I found David and his assistant Maria Martinez extremely pleasant and professional to deal with. I would encourage anyone that is thinking of getting into commercial real estate investment to make an appointment with David and decide for yourself if he is the broker for you, because he certainly was for me”

“When we first started looking for investment properties, we went to three different brokers little knowing that all that we would need was you [David Tran], your wisdom, knowledge, expertise, organization, honesty, and professionalism. Your access to so many potential successful investments precluded us from having to look elsewhere and both of our purchases were accomplished accurately and in a very timely manner. We look forward to our next extremely profitable purchase through you and your competent assistant, Maria Martinez”

“David Tran and his firm possess the experience, deeper understanding, resources, and maturity required to handle and execute complex commercial real estate transactions. They bring to their clients a one-point service platform that is hard to find. I engaged the services of eFunding to purchase a shopping center in Atlanta, GA. David’s hands-on approach and negotiating prowess were instrumental in resolving issues, adhering to the timelines, and the overall success of the transaction . He helped me find a competent and cost-effective law firm in GA to handle the transaction and later a local property management firm for smooth management transition. To anyone looking to invest in commercial real estate, I highly recommend to not do so without Transmercial.”

“I have learned a tremendous amount from your [David’s] articles. Thank for your generosity in providing such highly valuable information. You’ve really opened my eyes with your expertise and valuable insight. I almost feel this information should not be available online for free.”

“It’s a pleasant experience working with David and his staff, with profound Commercial RE knowledge and expertise. It saved me lots of time and efforts while doing bank’s due diligence. I’m looking forward to working with David and his team again and again”

“As the seller of a retail center near Atlanta, GA, we found David Tran and his staff to be refreshingly straight forward and professional. The physical distance between parties was not an issue. We found him to be very knowledgeable about the area and our product. He served his client well and treated us with respect; a true win-win situation”

“It was a pleasure working with you [David]. You were very professional and you were prompt with any questions or concerns we had. I hope to do business with you again in the near future.”

“I found you [David] and your staff professional, straight forward, and on top of your game. It was a pleasure to work with you and Maria.”

“…You [David] are not only after the sale but [also] make sure the future investments of you clients are sound. …I have had a very good experience with Transmercial. I will not take my business any other place”

“Thank you [David] very much for guiding us through this transaction! I am happy with the outcome & look forward to improving the value of the property.”

“I told him [the client] you [David] were the very best. I was proud to tell him I had such a smart broker in California to work with.”

“I recently worked with David Tran and his team on a multi-million dollar commercial real estate transaction in California. His knowledge and experience in real estate investing and real estate lending are excellent. While David represented the other side of the deal as an opposing party in negotiating, I found him understanding of everyone’s position and easy to get along with. This made the process fair, smooth, and profitable.”

“At first I was a little skeptical coming to David’s seminar. But in 2 hours, I learned more about Commercial Real Estate Investing than I have from books or other investment programs.”

“I found it [seminar] very informative and well presented [by David].”

“I enjoyed the seminar last Saturday. I thought it was an excellent introduction to commercial property investment.”

“Even through we are real estate agents and experienced commercial real estate investors, we still learn a lot from the seminar at Transmercial. We received a lot of property listings, brochures and advise from Transmercial, and were able to complete a commercial transaction with 1031 exchange. The people at Transmercial are professional and trustworthy.”

“…. I wish I met David 15 years ago.”