FAQ about our list

  1. How are these properties are selected? 
    They are selected by based on various criteria: cap rate, price/SF, upside potential, demographics, age, tenants, location, rent/SF, etc. using the information on the property listings provided by the listing brokers with the assumption that the provided data is correct.
  2. Why do you have this list? 
    Most investors don’t have time and energy to review 300-400 properties on the market every day.  They also don’t have access to all the property listings.
  3. Are they the properties with the highest cap rate? 
    Possible but not necessarily. The property with the highest cap rate could be a property with certain hidden issues, e.g. old with deferred maintenance.  This is a property that is easy to buy but hard to sell and not a good property.
  4. How come properties in small cities (less than 30,000 people in 3 miles ring) are often not selected?
    They are easy to buy and hard to sell and so are screened out.
  5. How come properties with high vacancies are often not selected? 
    High vacancy often means poor location.  Besides, it’s difficult to obtain financing.
  6. Are these properties guaranteed to be the best properties? 
    No.  The information provided by the listing broker could turn out to be incorrect upon further due diligence.  For example the land is not included but the listing never says so.  As a result, the property is screened out later on.
  7. Are these Transmercial’s listings? 
    Most likely no.  Since these are the best properties on the market, they are most likely not Transmercial’s property listings.  Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the list.
  8. Do I have to pay Transmercial if I want to buy these properties? 
    Most likely no.  Transmercial normally receives 50% of the total commission by the listing brokers just like in residential properties.
  9. Do you include properties that buyers have to compensate buyers’ broker? 
    Yes.  However, there is a just very small percentage of properties (1-2%) in this category.
  10. Do you have the list of best properties for each state? 
    No, we only have 1 list of best properties in all 50 states.