Transmercial believes you will learn what you don’t yet know and should know about commercial real estate investments in these seminars.  And thus you will be more likely to be  successful in your investments.  These seminars are designed for a small group of very busy investors who would like to understand key concepts in plain English.

Seminar: How To Invest In Commercial Real Estate

Date: Sat Feb 11, 2017

Time: 9:55AM to noon

Presenter: David Tran

Place: Transmercial. 1340 Tully Road, Ste 307. San Jose CA 95122

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  • Compare commercial vs. residential investment properties.
  • Commercial real estate terminology: cap rate, NOI, GLA, etc.
  • Which property type should you invest? Shopping strip, Office building, Apartment, or Gas station? Single tenant or multi-tenant properties?
  • How to choose a good investment property.
  • Investment returns.
  • Where should you invest? In San Jose or somewhere else?
  • Leases: gross lease, net lease, & percentage lease. Which one investors prefer?
  • Property Management issues.
  • What you should know about financing for commercial properties.
  • The offer process, due diligence.

Seminar: Commercial Real Estate Syndication

  • What is real estate syndication
  • Benefits to investors
  • Disadvantages
  • Property Selection
  • Investment return
  • Investment Prospectus
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Marketing aspects
  • Transaction procedure & time frame
  • Syndicator duties
  • LLC Manager on-going duties