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Our Services

Transmercial handles everything from  A thru Z to save time for its busy clients and guides new investors through the transaction.  Transmercial:

  1. Syndicates commercial real estate properties by pooling money from investors by acquire high-valued properties.
  2. Offers free seminar to educate investors about how to invest in Commercial real estate.
  3. Provides investors a daily list of only the best properties in 50 states so investors are more likely to be successful.
  4. Assists with due diligence review once in contract and alerts investors with red flags in the transaction if any.
  5. Helps investors obtain financing for the transaction.
  6. Brings in experts, e.g. accountants, legal counsel to assist investors when needed.
  7. Works with local companies to make sure the properties are structurally sound with no environmental issues. 
  8. Connects investors with local property managers to take good care of the properties.
  9. Lists residential properties in San Jose area.