01-09: DaVita, Whataburger, World Market, AutoZone, Long John Silver’s & A&W, Jiffy Lube, MOB

  • DaVita in Fresno, CA: 6150 SF dialysis center built in 2014 on .52 ac lot along busy corridor and in a fast growing area. Close to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. 15-yrs NNN- corp lease. NOI $150K/yr with 10% rent bumps every 5-yrs. $2.727M. 5.50% cap.
  • Whataburger in Phoenix, AZ: 2855 SF drive-thru fast food restaurant constructed in 2000 on over 1 ac outparcel to Big Lots. On off/on ramp of I-17. Close to 221-bed Phoenix Baptist Hospital. 20-yrs absolute NNN corp lease with 5-yrs left. NOI $148K/yr. $2.095M. 7% cap.
  • Shopping Center in Milwaukee, WI: 35,327 SF well kept shopping center on 3½ ac corner lot in a fast growing middle-class area. Close to new Walmart Supercenter. 83% leased with mostly NNN leases. Actual NOI $311K/yr. $3.617M. 8.62% actual cap. Upside potential.
  • Retail Center in Orlando, FL: 21,599 SF eye-catching retail center built in 2006 on  3.3 ac outparcel to Publix shopping center in growing & high income area. All units face main artery. 95% leased. NOI $361K/yr. Price N/A.
  • Retail Building in Franklin Square, NY: 10,088 SF well maintained retail building along major thoroughfare in densely populated New York suburbs with over 700,000 residents in a 5 mile ring. Leased to long term tenants. NOI $119K/yr. $2M. 6% cap.
  • World Market in Prescott, AZ: 18,300 SF single-tenant retail building on 1.79 ac outparcel to Prescott Gateway Mall, a 589,854-square foot regional mall anchored by Dillard’ s, JCPenney, Sears, Best Buy and many more.. Recently extended NNN lease with 8-yrs left. NOI $142K/yr. $2.039M. 7% cap.
  • AutoZone in San Bernardino, CA: 10,500 SF AutoZone on .66 ac outparcel to Harbor Freight Tools and Mike & Judies Grocery Warehouse. Near Inland Center Mall with easy access to I-215.  100% leased.  NOI $126K/yr. $2.027M. 6.25%cap.
  • Long John Silver’s / A&W in Lafayette, IN: 2780 dual branded fast food restaurant along main retail corridor. Close to 864,000 SF Tippecanoe Mall with over 100 stores. Brand new 20-yrs NNN lease. NOI $96K/yr with 10% rent bumps every 5-yrs. $1.476M. 6.50% cap.
  • MOB in Freeport, NY: 19,200 SF Class-B medical building renovated in 1995 anchored by DaVita in affluent (AHI $108K/yr in 3 miles) New York suburbs. 74% NNN leased. NOI $361K/yr. $4.75M. 7.60% Cap.
  • Jiffy Lube in La Grande Park, IL: 1400 SF auto center in growing and high income Chicago suburbs with an AHI of $86K/yr in 1 mile. 100% NNN lease with 7-yrs left to a strong franchisee with over 500 units. NOI $71K/yr with a 10% rent bump in 2017. $1.016M. 7% cap.

01-08: O’Charley’s, Arby’s, Burger King, Starbuck Coffee, CVS, Rite Aid

  • O’Charley’s in Asheville, NC: 6802 SF attractive casual dining restaurant constructed in 1996 on1.59 ac lot along main retail corridor. Close to Asheville Mall and with easy access to I-240. 20-yrs absolute NNN lease with 9-yrs left, to a restaurant chain with over 200 locations. NOI $155K/yr with annual rent increases. $2.005M. 7.75% cap.
  • Retail Buildings in Plano, TX: 21,817 SF consisting of two attractive retail buildings along Hwy-75 in fast growing Dallas suburbs. Close to Costco, Lowes and Walmart Supercenter. 100% NNN leased. NOI $487K/yr. $6.29M. 7.75% cap.
  • Arby’s in Mundelein, IL: 4023 SF well maintained franchised restaurant on .87 ac outparcel to recently renovated Jewel-Osco and Burlington Coat Factory Center. In growing and affluent Chicago suburbs with an AHI of $103K/yr in 1 mile. 20-yrs absolute NNN lease with 5-yrs left to a strong operator with 25-units. NOI $72K/yr with 1.5% rent bumps starting in 2018. $929K/yr. 7.75% cap.
  • Burger King in San Antonio, TX: 2505 SF franchised fast food restaurant built in 2006 on .48 ac lot. Across from Walmart Supercenter, Home Depot, Target and H-E-B Supermarket. Close to Mission Trail Baptist Hospital and I-37. This is a sale/leaseback investment. Long absolute NNN lease to an experience operator with 20-units. NOI $100K/yr. $1.667M. 6% cap.
  • Starbucks Coffee in San Antonio, TX: 1785 SF drive-thru newly constructed retail building at a signalized intersection. Across from Lowe’s and Sprouts Farmers Market. With easy access to I-10.  Close to University Hospital, Methodist Hospital and St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital.  New 10-yrs NNN- lease. NOI $87K/yr. $1.749M. 5% cap.
  • Rite Aid in Ogden, UT: 21,000 SF well maintained Rite Aid Pharmacy on .92 ac lot in growing town North of Salt Lake City. Tenant has been at this location since 1965. 7-yrs recently extended NNN- corp lease. NOI $99K/yr. $1.523M. 6.50% cap.
  • CVS in San Bernardino, CA: 15,251 SF CVS Pharmacy built in 2002 on over 2 ac lot at a hard corner location. Adjacent to California State University San Bernardino. 100% NNN corp lease with over 9-yrs left. NOI $353K/yr with 5% rent bumps every 5-yrs. $6.615M. 5.35% cap.
  • KFC in West View, PA: 3238 SF KFC restaurant built in 2001 on .56 ac lot in middle-class Pittsburgh suburbs. Near shopping center with Kmart and Giant Eagle Grocery. 100% absolute NNN lease with 17-yrs left. NOI $67K/yr with 1.5% annual rent increases. $1.132M. 6% cap.
  • Shopping Center in Plano, TX: 28,805 SF attractive shopping center on nearly 3 ac lot in fast growing and upper middle class Dallas Metro. Shadow anchored by Kroger, a major supermarket chain with 2640 locations. 81% leased. NOI $247K/yr.$3.81M. 6.50% cap. Upside potential when fully leased.
  • Retail Building in Artesia, CA: 3150 SF well kept single-tenant retail building in densely populated and high income (AHI $89K/yr) Los Angeles County. Across from Los Cerritos Center and close to I-605.  100% NNN lease with 2-yrs left. NOI $110K/yr. $1.88M. 5.80% cap.

01-07: MOB, Bruno’s Burgers, Mixed-use, Retail Centers

  • Shopping Center in Fairview Heights, IL: 59,386 SF shopping center built in 2009 on 5.90 ac lot in growing St Louis metro. Anchored by 25,546 SF JoAnn’s Fabrics & Party City. Adjacent to St. Clair Square Mall and near I-64. 100% NNN leased. NOI $684K/yr. $8.055M. 8.50% cap.
  • Retail Building in St. Louis, MO: 9,971 SF attractive retail building constructed in 2007 on .89 ac corner lot. Excellent tenant mix: City Gear, Check N Go, Boost Mobile and Instant Tax Service. 100% NNN leased. NOI $117K/yr. $1.232M. 9.50% cap.
  • Retail Building in Woodbury, MN: 9426 SF eye-catching retail center on 1.54 ac lot in growing (64% pop growth since 2000) and affluent (AHI $117K/yr) Minneapolis/St Paul suburbs. 100% NNN leased. NOI $127K/yr. $1.55M. 8.24% cap.
  • Bruno’s Burgers in Inglewood, CA: 1227 SF fast food restaurant at a   signalized corner location in Los Angeles area. Along major artery and close to Centinela Hospital Medical Center. 100% NNN lease with 12-yrs left. NOI $48K/yr with CPI rent increases every 2-yrs. $740K. 6.49% cap.
  • Retail Center in Scottdale, GA: 15,300 SF well maintained retail center constructed in 2002 on over 1 ac lot in fast growing Atlanta suburbs. Close to Dekalb Medical Center. 85% leased. Actual NOI $105K/yr. $1.275M. 8.50% actual cap. Upside potential.
  • Retail Building in Rancho Cordova, CA: 23,640 SF retail building on over 3 ac lot along major retail artery. Part of Zinfandel Square Center with Target, Ross Dress for Less, 99 Cents Only and more. Tenants include: Grocery Outlet, a regional grocery chain and Furniture Store. NOI $243K/yr. $4.05M. 6% cap.
  • MOB in Sunnyvale, TX: 11,492 SF Class-A multitenant medical office building on 2.52 ac lot in high income Dallas suburbs. Near Texas Regional Medical Center. NNN leased to stable tenants. NOI $292K/yr. $3.9M. 7.50% cap.
  • Arby’s in McHenry, IL: 3070 SF Arby’s Restaurant completed in 1994 outparcel to a Power Center anchored by Target in Chicago metro. Along major retail artery. 100% absolute NNN lease with 8-yrs left to a strong franchisee with 25-units. NOI $101K/yr. $1.2M. 8.46% cap.
  • Mixed-use in West Orange, NJ: 11,348 SF well kept office/ retail center in affluent New York suburbs with an AHI of $118K/y in 1 mile ring. 80% lease. Actual NOI $192K/yr. $2.725M. 7.06% cap. Upside potential when fully leased.

01-06: Walgreens, MOB, Shopping Centers, Retail Centers

  • Walgreens in Chicago, IL: 13,000 SF built-to-suit pharmacy constructed in 1993 on 1 ac lot at a signalized intersection. With easy access to I-94. 100% NN lease with 4-yrs left. NOI $159K/yr. $2.461M. 6.50% cap.
  • MOB in Florence, KY: 18,283 SF well maintained medical office building renovated/expanded in 2007 on 1.71 ac lot in Cincinnati suburbs. Close to I-75.  Anchored by Fresenius Dialysis Center. 100% NNN leased to multiple tenants. NOI $320K/yr. $3.375M. 9.51% cap.
  • Shopping Center in Kissimmee, FL: 28,827 SF well maintained shopping center on over 2 ac lot along major artery in Orlando suburbs. 100% NNN leased. NOI $429K/yr. $5.544M. 7.75% cap.
  • Office Building in Santa Fe, NM: 31,975 SF Class-A multitenant office building adjacent to CHRISTUS St Vincent Regional Medical Center. 97% leased. NOI $405K/yr. $5.375M. 8.30% cap.
  • Retail Center in Chino, CA: 12,069 SF retail building completed in 2009 on 1.58 ac lot in high income (AHI $99K/yr in 3 miles) San Bernardino County. Shadow anchored by Home Depot and JC Penney. 100% NNN leased. NOI $194K/yr. $3.117M. 6.25% cap.
  • Retail Center in Indio, CA: 15,136 SF well kept retail center on 1.34 ac outparcel to Cardenas Supermarket and CVS Pharmacy. Across from Fiesta Mall and near JFK Memorial Hospital. 100% leased. NOI $164K/yr. $2.995M. 5.50% cap.
  • Neighborhood Center in Las Vegas, NV: 71,008 SF attractive anchored shopping center on 6.46 ac lot in densely populated Clark County. Close to Meadows Mall and Hwy-95. 97% leased. NOI $797K/yr. $10.9M. 7.32% cap.
  • Office Building in Glastonbury, CT: 11,000 SF Class-B office building on 1½ ac lot in high income Hartford metro with an AHI of $92K/yr in a 3 mile ring. 100% leased to eight tenants. NOI $91K/yr. $995M. 9.20% cap.
  • Retail Center in Sicklerville, NJ: 12,039 SF attractive retail center completed in 2009 on 1.88 ac lot in affluent (AHI $105K/yr) Philadelphia MSA. Adjacent to 122,000 SF The Shoppes at Cross Keys. 100% leased with good tenant mix. NOI $313K/yr. $4.475M. 7% cap.
  • Shopping Center in Mesa, AZ: 34,140 SF L-shaped shopping center renovated in 1994 on over 3 ac lot at a hard corner location. Anchored by The Learning Foundation and Performing Arts School. 100% leased. NOI $327K/yr. $4.362M. 7.50% cap.

01-05: Walgreens/Dollar Tree, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Apartments, Retail Centers

Welcome new investors.  Transmercial is the only company in the US that offers this list of best properties between $700K to $20M in 50 states.  These properties are selected from 300-400 daily listings on CBRE, M&M, SVN, and various other sources.   Each property has a brief description and a flyer (attached).  Previous lists are posted on Transmercial’s blog after 2 weeks delay. Underlined names, if any, indicate safe hyperlinks that you can click for more info. For a full marketing brochure, please reply and specify the property number.

Below are the most commonly used acronyms:

  •  AHI: Avg. Household Income.  National average is about $55+K/yr.
  • NOI: Net Operating Income.  It’s the income after all expenses (prop taxes, ins., maintenance) paid.
  • NNN: Triple net lease in which tenants pay taxes, insurance and maintenance expenses.
  • NNN-: Triple net lease with landlord responsible for roof and structure.  Used by Transmercial only
  1. Retail Center in Oak Park, MI: 29,772 SF consisting of two well maintained retail buildings completed in 2000 at a hard corner location in Detroit suburbs. Near Province Hospital and Northland Center Mall. 100% NNN leased to two recession-insensitive credit tenants: Walgreens and Dollar Tree. NOI $694K/yr. $8.682M. 8% cap.
  2. Retail Building in Woodland, CA: 16,036 SF well maintained retail center on 1.86 ac lot in a growing town Northwest of Sacramento. 62% absolute NNN leased to Bank of America. Seller will provide 2 yrs lease guaranty for the remaining space.  Actual NOI $149K/yr. $2.368M. 6.31% actual cap.
  3. Office Building in Las Vegas, NV: 24,040 SF Class-A multitenant office building renovated in 2013 on 2 ac lot  in growing and affluent neighborhood with an AHI of $111K/yr in  mile. Close to Summerlin Hospital Medical Center. 100% leased. NOI $385K/yr. $5.5M. 7% cap.
  4. Retail Buildings in Charlotte, NC: 7838 SF retail building and 3280 SF KFC/Long John Silver’s completed in 2004 on 2.60 ac lot in growing & upper middle class area. 100% NNN leased. NOI $198K/yr. $2.75M. 7.23% cap.
  5. Office Building in Portland, OR: 22,889 SF Class-A office  building constructed in 2008 on 1 ac lot with easy access to I-205. 100% NNN leased to multiple tenants. NOI $300K/yr. $4.1M. 7.34% cap.
  6. Professional Building in Phoenix, AZ: 31,600 SF Class-B professional building on 2.49 ac lot along busy corridor and close to I-17. 78% leased by 15 medical & professional tenants. NOI $387K/yr. $5.16M. 7.50% cap.
  7. O’Reilly Auto Parts in Sacramento, CA: 5400 SF well maintained O’Reilly Auto Parts at a major artery. Adjacent to 99 Cents Store & DD Discount Center. 100% NNN lease with 4-yrs left. NOI $104K/yr. $1.895M. 5.50% cap.
  8. Retail Center in Orlando, FL: 10,095 SF retail center built in 2007 on over 1 ac outparcel to Sam’s Club. All units face main thoroughfare. 100% leased. NOI $198K/yr. $2.5M. 7.95% cap.
  9. Apartments in Fresno, CA: 16-units 2BR/1BA multifamily apartment complex adjacent to California State University, Fresno with over 23,000 students. 100% occupied. NOI $59K/yr. $796K/yr. 7.50% cap.
  10. Retail Center in Frisco, TX: 17,105 SF retail center built in 2004 on 1.98 ac lot in upper middle class Dallas metro with an AHI of $97K/yr in 1 mile.  100% NNN leased. NOI $317K/yr. $3.6M. 8.83% cap.